My beautiful little bird! I'm so sorry... 🐦🌈

in Olio di Balena11 months ago

About a week ago, I went to the park to take a walk with my dog. While we were walking, I saw a baby sparrow that had fallen under a tree. It couldn't fly and was not yet developed enough to be fed. I looked for its nest but I couldn't find it, I think it was at the highest point of the trees. Since I couldn't leave it there, I decided to take it home with me.


I was going to feed it a little bit and wait for it to develop enough to fly and then come back and leave it where I found it. On the way home, I immediately bought a nice cage for it.



When we came home, I did some research on the internet for a while and started to feed this little puppy after doing research on how to feed him. He immediately adopted me and was fed very well.


Because I had a dog at home, I was constantly anxious and on guard. My dog was constantly jumping into the cage, trying to get the bird. It was a very difficult week for me, but I loved the bird so much and got attached to it that I managed to manage both of them. I even got so used to the bird that I wanted it to be with us all the time. But I also wanted it to fly with its beautiful wings and get its disability.


While all this was going on, my friend from out of town was with us and while I was taking care of my dog, he was taking care of the bird's needs, feeding it and constantly taking it out to the terrace to give it some air.



Today, she took the bird out to the balcony for some air and hung it up high. Then she went into the house. Then suddenly I heard my friend screaming and I ran to the terrace. When my friend screamed, I was shocked thinking that my dog had caught the bird. After freezing for a moment, I ran to the terrace, but I saw that my dog was inside the house with me. I ran to the terrace not knowing what happened. When I got to the terrace, I experienced a trauma that I will probably never forget for the rest of my life!



I don't know how it happened, a big crow took the bird out of its cage and took it in its mouth. For 1 week, the little chick that I had carefully fed was in the crow's mouth. I have never experienced such a big shock in my life. At that moment I felt nauseous, dizzy and had a seizure, I fainted. When I came to my senses, that image came back to me and I felt bad again. My friend also had a nervous breakdown. She felt guilty for leaving him there.


I took so much care when I picked him up and brought him home and fed him with my hands that I had bonded with him. I feel so bad, I don't know how to get over this, I'm having a hard time even writing now. Animals are my biggest weakness, I can't get over what happened even though I did my best, I'm so sorry...


I'm so sorry😭. I'd have the same reactions, as I love animals too and particularlty little birds.