The view of the day! 🌿🧜📸

in Olio di Balena10 months ago

There is a park near the beach near our house. For years I used to come here and walk, meditate, picnic, etc. to get away from the crowds and stress of the city. I have expressed many times before that I am afraid of the sea and water. I have an incredible fear of water. I am especially afraid even when I look at dark, turbid waters. Although I am so scared, I insistently take walks on the seashore, this is similar to this thing, women will understand me very well. You know charismatic but troublesome men, bad boys. Even if you want to stay away, you are somehow drawn to him. (Not for me!) My relationship with water is just like that. I am incredibly scared but at the same time I want to be there and I am excited!


Today I discovered a hidden side of this park I have been coming to for years that I had never seen. I've always been one step away from this place and I've never once felt the need to bend down and look through the bushes because the water flowing through the bushes scares me so much. But today I was so sad that I didn't even care about the water and just walked away. When I looked up, there was a small bridge, I leaned over and I was shocked to see a magnificent view in front of me!



How could I not have noticed this place that seemed so mysterious all these years? As I was watching the view, I started to tremble with fear, as if I was going to fall into the water and disappear. On the other hand, I was so excited that I could hear my heart beating. I didn't have the courage to take a long look at the water. My hands trembled while taking pictures. It looked so scary that the minutes I spent felt like days. And I was the only one there! I was excited as if I had discovered a hidden place.


Now I stop and look at the photos and feel the same excitement. I think these photos will be among the ones I will never forget. I hope you feel the same excitement I feel when I look at the photos!