How to be a Photo Star

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Authored by @Sara Jarvie

PhotoGames are fun, interactive, photographic games for the whole HIVE community.

Each week a group of 4 photographers called PhotoStars choose 3-4 games to host and judge during that specific week. Those that are actively playing the games might have the opportunity to be a Photo Star. Knowing that many players will also be Photo Stars at some point and to be transparent about the game we have outlined How to Be a Photo Star below.


How to Be a Photo Star

1 . Select Your Games

You will select 3-4 games games to play
There are 18 unique templates on the community page for PhotoGames
On C/Photogames Click on the arrow next to "Write a Post"
Note: If you have a unique reason for doing 2 or 5 games please let us know. With scoring and the amount of work we have concluded that 3-4 is ideal.

2. Use Game Template

Personally update the draft for each game you decide to play.

Each template has several areas marked by { } which you need to insert your specific info then delete the {brackets}

  1. Add the week into the title
  2. Insert your photo/s
  3. Describe your photo/s (Optional)
  4. Write the time the game ends and then put a countdown-timer on post (Use PeakD Advanced Options).
  5. Describe your scoring method for the specific game and how much Hive Tip the winners will receive. (More info about scoring below)

If you are using and using the template provided all these settings will be automated.
No need to change these things.

3. Posts and actions after posts

In total you will have 3-5 posts you publish as a Photo Star throughout the week.
You may schedule them all with the schedule feature on

Game Posts
You will have post 3-4 games throughout the week.

  1. You are encouraged to release the game on the day of title of the game. This is not strict and if you think people might need more time you can release your games at anytime during the week.
  2. After you post a game to C/Photogames an admin will add your game to the All active official PhotoGames Collection
  3. OPTIONAL SECTIONS: You can write your thoughts about the game. You can use additional topic-tags.
  4. SHARE: You can reblog this community post to your own blog. You can also share the post on other social media.
  5. AUTOMATE: You can schedule posts!

(Optional) Recap Post
Photo stars are encouraged to do a recap post

  • Who won your games
  • Highlighted results (examples of winning entries)
  • Recap of your thoughts and experience

IMPORTANT: It is customary/expected to give beneficiaries to the users of the content that you use in this post. For example if you share pictures that someone submitted they should be a beneficiary of this post.

4. Scoring

Each photo star will be sent Hive (10% of @photogames.pool)
They will then use to tip feature (which is found on to reward the winners of their games.

Photo star will be given access to the leaderboard. There they will be able to plan out the games and the tip amounts and record who won the game they hosted.

Each photo star can score how they would like as long as they stay within the rules Scoring, winning and detailed FAQ. All Hive Tips should be allocated no later than Monday at 10am Pacific Time.

Scoring examples
These examples are what you can write on your game post

One winner example
Scoring: There will be one winner for this game.
The first person to guess correctly will get a 15 HIVE TIP

Three winner example
Scoring: This game will have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner.
1st place will receive 20 HIVE TIP
2nd place will receive 10 HIVE TIP
3rd place will receive 5 HIVE TIP

Five winner example
Scoring: I will pick my 5 favorites and reward each 13 hive.



Other Important Posts
History and the reboot of PhotoGames
Season 3 announcement
Scoring, winning and detailed FAQ
PeakD financial sponsorship and upgrades to C/PhotoGames

Reminder all posts in C/Photogames are required to have a 10% beneficiary to @photogames.pool to increase the game rewards.


@scott and @r00sj3 we want you to be a photo star for week 2. I sent you a friend request to be chat friends.

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Yeah, I think that should work :)

You'll see the templates available now for a lot of different game options.