Polling PhotoGames users - Proposal to raise beneficiary %

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  1. We are testing some new PeakD.com features including one that lets our Community set a required beneficiary on all posts on C/Photogames

  2. We are also testing a feature from PeakD team that adds an auto-moderator to mute any posts that don't follow that rule.

Presently all C/Photogames posts are set to 10% beneficiary to @photogames.pool

As you may or may not know the HIVE TIPS that are being sent out by the PhotoStars comes from this pool that was SEEDED by @peakd and @sjarvie5 ... 10% is used each week.

The beneficiary rewards help add back to the game pool and the HBD is used for the end of the season rewards.

It's a math issue... 10% wasn't enough to be self-sustained at a nice number specially not the 4000+ hive that was seeded.

16 official game posts and maybe 4 others means about 20 posts a week and with a $15 average that means $7.5 to author and with a 10% beneficiary that means $0.75 and that means roughly 2 hive per post so that's about 40 hive if you assume 20 posts a week and half of that may go to HBD at times.

Anyway the short of the matter is: we give roughly 300 a week out and take in about 40-60 hive.

The reality is that during the last 11 days we have added 72 hive and 33.6 HBD to @photogames.pool
But all the hive is in HP so we will need to start powering down most likely.

We plan to increase the beneficiary rate.
There would need to be NO action by any of our players.
The PhotoStars wouldn't have to do any different actions because the templates would have this all set up.

I think the question goes to those wanting to be PhotoStars ... would there be an amount too high for beneficiary?

Are you a PhotoStar for the reward pool money or the game or some sort of combination. What seems to be the sweet spot for you?

We believe at a minimum we need to do 20% but that won't really make us self-sufficient. Closer to 40% would obviously help a lot more. But also we want a number that would be comfortable for future photostars.

We will soon start encouraging users to create "For Fun Games" in the community (using the topics we make open for everyone). They will give their own rewards and they won't be part of the official leaderboard but it let's people create as many games as they desire. Stay tuned for more posts about this.

It's to be self sustainable.

Maybe with a beneficiary like 25 or 40% and with people also running for fun games we can consistently reward the same amount of hive pretty consistently.


Well i'll start with my personal opinion.
I would personally be ok with 40% and think anything above 51% seems like too much and I would like the photostars to have extra incentive to play from the hive rewards pool.

My estimation is that 40% at today's expectations would lead to at least 150 hive maybe more depending on how many hive users join C/photogames and play and how many "for fun games we do"

I could see that going up to 250 hive a week. But at 10% i think we'll be fine but the hive tips will be less of an incentive because it will go down to a much lower amount.

One day we'll have lots of players and perhaps we can turn on ads for the community and that revenue will go towards this as well.

Finally i think we can easily move the amount down or up pretty easily. It is not difficult.

I concur.

i don't really care 20-40% if the plan is to do X amount of seasons.

overall a lot depends on price of hive and autovotes on photostars :D

it is easy to change the % so maybe there should be a goal of X amount of hive in the pool and the % can be changed in range of 10 to 30-40.

I am also good with 40%. I would like to see the games be self sustaining and getting a nice little from the post is an extra bonus for being a Photo Star. It is fun playing and interacting with the community and the Hive Tips are great.

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 4 months ago  

The biggest question is how to reward the photostars for creating games? If 40% goes to photogames, it could be that it's more interesting for me to play the game than create games. You need both players and creators.

Another option is to have less prizes each week. Right now it is 10% of the pool which I think is very good/high rewards for the games.

I have an idea. Every Photostar MUST make a recap post with 80% beneficiaries. You know just a post where all the contestant's photos are displayed and we have like Before-after comparison as thumb photo of the winner for fix-it game etc. And yeah fun games sound great as well.

 4 months ago  

I believe the Photostars should create the games mostly for fun and interactions and not for the rewards themselves. So whatever % you decide is ok from my point of view, but probably 35-40% is what will work for others too.

One additional consideration ...if the % is higher the amount available for prizes will also be higher, so photostars will win more when they play (and win) other players games ;)