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When I took this photo in New Zealand a few years ago, I was just getting started shooting at night with the stars and I didn't have much skill. So, I set the exposure time too long — the stars did not remain ideal dots and began to blur, but the image still turned out to be too dark and noisy. But in general, I really like this photo, so I decided to process it and use it after the trip, and now again. However, it doesn't suit me completely. It is clear that it is hardly possible to correct all the shortcomings made during the shooting, but what if you succeed? Show me what you can do with it! I really want to look at your results and maybe learn something.

My processing of this picture is below, but you don’t have to be guided by it at all, do whatever you like.

YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE ORIGINAL IMAGE FOR EDITING HERE OR FULL SIZE JPG HERE. If this information is needed, the camera is Olympus E-M1 MarkII.



For Fix It Friday I would like you to edit my photo.

  1. Download the RAW file or the FULL SIZE JPG
  2. Edit the picture
  3. Post your version in the comments
  4. Only one entry per person, per post
  5. Feel free to make your own blog post… but be sure to post the image in the comments as well.
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  6. Submissions are due by: 12:00 AM UTC Sunday, May 22nd


I will be giving HIVE TIPS to winners which will translate to PhotoGames points on the Leaderboard

  • Game: "FixItFriday"
    1st = 5 Hive
    2nd place = 3 Hive
    Honorable mention = 1 Hive



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Here is my submission. Thought that the light pollution actually looks quite cool in blue/green.


very nice take on this. love your effort for its purity colours and 'integrity'

Thanks! Glad you like it.

Here we are :)


I like your edit, beautiful choice of colours

Yes, indeed, a beautiful choice of colors. Congratulations, it is Honorable Mention!


'it's full of stars...' 🤩

thanks! 😀

Very gentle, harmonious landscape! And the details in the darkest part are visible. I would like just a little more color :) Congratulations, 1st place (you share it with @wnfdiary)!

Happy with that! Thank you!
Gotta say thanks to my favourite tool - selective colour, really worked those stars 😀

Yes, it's very useful :)

Well, that was a tough nut :) I did some denoise, abra cadabra and crop. I hope you like it


Your abra cadabra and denoise work great! And a very good crop. For me, a little too much color saturation, but it's really a matter of preference :) Congratulations, 1st place (you share it with @rimicane)!

Thank you very much! I will not lie, there was some creative work to make that water smooth without artifacts and stars super crisp. Sure, the intensity of colors could be a little bit more subtle. Probably if I mix mine and @rimicane's we have a win :) COngrats to her as well and to all who did their amazing edits.

Yes, you did it great!

Probably if I mix mine and @rimicane's we have a win :)

Yes, I also had such an idea when I looked through all the images :))


Here's my attempt basically just editing like i would my normal picture. Maybe a bit more focus on trying to work on the noise and make the clouds look awesome.
I wonder what night master @caseygrimley will do with this.

Many thanks to all of you for participating in the game! It was very interesting and informative to look at your processing results. And, as usual, it was very difficult for me to choose :) So difficult that I could not choose a winner of the two candidates for 1st and 2nd place, and as a result, 2 people take 1st place, dividing the prize pool of 1st and 2nd places. So, @wnfdiary and @rimicane share 1st place, 4 hives each. And two Honorable mentions: @traisto and @sjarvie5. Congratulations!

I went for a warm edit. I hope you enjoy it.


I have no idea how to shoot stars or edit pictures like that so I'll go for a surreal version. I guess it has nothing to do with reality but you might like it :)



hi! here is my effort. hi-res version to check by the link [ x ]

Here's my edit. Went for a vertical crop to draw attention to Orion's belt and Aldebaran (The Fiery Eye of the Bull)


Excellent vertical crop, symmetrical about the stars. I like it! Congratulations, it is Honorable Mention!

YAY thanks!

So beautiful work

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