Where was I 10 years ago?

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I am a Photo Star for week 5 of @Photogames and made the game to have people make a post answering the question Where were you 10 years ago?

I was in Chicago!

I choose this trip because my theme this week is Art and I went to the Art Institute in Chicago. It also shows my specific interest in Asian Art, adventure, architecture, gardens and a little of my spirituality, which I don't often show online. It was a great trip with @aiparker.

Three days filled with a lot of things I enjoy.

Art Institute of Chicago

The Art Institute is a great museum and has some famous paintings such as George Seurat's Sunday on the Grand Jatte and Vincent Van Gogh's self portrait.

I was taking an Asian Art History class at ASU in 2011, so I was most interested in the Asian Collection and it was great as you will see below.

Picture of @aiparker in the Asian gallery.


Chicago has great architecture. Here are some buildings, including Trump Tower which was completed in 2009, 2 years before our trip.

Trump Tower

We went to the top floor so we can see the view from 1,116 feet (340.2 m). I guess I didn't get a picture of Chicago from there but I did get this picture of the bathroom! Ha ha.

The tower has a combination of residential condominiums, hotel, retail space, parking garage, health club and spa and restaurant.

Navy Pier

We took a little stroll to Navy Pier and road the Ferris wheel.

The Bean

Of course you have to see The Bean when you are in Chicago. Right @r00sj3 and @itchyfeetdonica?

The Chicago Botanic Garden

We went out of the city to the gardens. Since it was October the leaves were changing colors and it was gorgeous. Maybe I will get to see Chihuly there someday! (Fingers crossed)

Me in my happy place!

Chicago Temple, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Angela and I went to the temple, took pictures and went inside. It was a great experience.

Looking back 10 years...what I think is so funny about this trip is that I went for work and don't have any pictures of that part of the trip and wonder how I fit all this in when I was on a work trip? Maybe we stayed a few days after the conference???

Anyway, I really do love Chicago and look forward to my next visit.

Sources: Trump Tower

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That is a lovely park. We are suckers for parks like this and we think there should be more open parks in the big cities.

agreed. I love going to parks and botanical gardens when I visit a city.

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Thanks Pauline. It was a super great trip to Chicago.

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Beautiful Place

Thanks. I totally agree.

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Great trip and memories! Too bad I missed that botanic garden, looks really nice!