I Made a Game Shelf For Our Child

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Hello everyone, today we bought a closet with shelves for our child to put his toys, we really liked that each shelf was colorful, it also attracted the attention of our child
First, I started with assembling the edge parts of the shelf, where it is very important that you tighten the screws properly, attaching the boards incorrectly will cause you a lot of trouble
After mounting the lower and upper parts of the shelf, I check around it and make sure that the edges are not recessed and protruding after making my checks, the row comes to install the rails
I attach the rails of the shelves to the marked parts, it is much easier to mount because the places are ready. I'm taking care of the interior and assembling the legs. I make sure I tighten the screws well, otherwise there may be shaking in the cabinet
Finally, I mount the thin boards for the back by hammering them with nails. It is very important that you make this part beautiful, otherwise the cabinet may be trapezoid mounted. Worse, it can cause the cabinet to shake, so make sure you secure it nicely
Finally, I place the shelves in their places and do the tests, if I have made a wrong installation, the shelves will not sit down and may rub. After I have done all my counterfeits, I can now put my closet in my child's room. I've come to the end of anoth

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