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Greetings to everyone, our job today was lighting for a company's sign. We started by calculating how to place the lamps first. The locations of the lamps need to be very good. We had to take great care in this part, as the lights had to be scattered, not to a point, to create a natural light.

After thinking about the locations of the lamps, we had to assemble it cleanly. Cables should not pass through the lamps, otherwise it would be dark. There are feet to attach the lamps to the iron, we can mount them to the iron nicely with these feet. After the assembly of all the lamps is finished, it's time for the wiring. We fix the cables to the irons with cable ties.

I would like to collect the cables at two points in the sign, if I collect them in one place, there is a possibility of fire from the load. After collecting them in two separate places, I tied the cables as tightly as possible and wrapped them with electrical tape.

After making all the connections, we turned on all the lamps and they all work without any problems. Now, after the signage is covered, the pole will be put in place and the lights will work every evening.

See you in my next post...

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