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Greetings everyone, my work today was the construction of electrical installations for the renovation of a house. First of all, I went to a store that sells materials and took notes on what materials are needed, and I bought the necessary materials

Since it was the weekend today, I had to not make too much noise, so I quickly finished my crimean business. After doing my Crimean works, I started fixing the cases where I will install the sockets, I fixed the cases with plaster and plaster mortar

Unfortunately, I couldn't pull the electrical pipes and cables today, if I tried to pull, the cases would play and I would have to freeze them again, so I preferred to leave the piping and cable pulling tomorrow. Because they broke the bathroom wall, I canceled the electrical connections and cut off the excess pipes

We had to make led lighting for a customer tomorrow, and for this purpose, I first cut and prepared the led lamps in the dimensions I bought. Later, I cut the cables short enough to add them, it will be better to keep the cables short, as the connection points will not be very visible anyway. I fixed the cables on the led with the soldering machine, as can be seen in the picture, it happened very nicely, tomorrow it's left to assemble

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