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Hello all you wonderful LikeTu'ers and Hivians,

Is it Tuesday already? lol

I love this quote. And it makes total sence for me. All the times in life I have waited for things to be perfect before I did something.

Sometimes, you just have to do it to make things happen.

If you wait and wait and wait things and life will pass you by.

STRIKE and make things HOT! baby!


  1. Post on Hive at least once a day
  2. Bring some joy to my wife today
  3. Stay positive and keep a good attitude
  4. Promote Hive to someone new
  5. Get Curation Trial to 200 people (I updated this one today)
  6. Hit 3000 HP by end of year
  7. Do 2000 strait days posting on Hive

List Nerds

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You have to check out Veews

Have a super positive day everyone.

All roads lead to Hive.


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