FOODlog #1125: Birthday Lunch at Ole-Ole Bali

in Liketu3 months ago


Celebrated my birthday last week with the wife at Ole-Ole Bali. I've heard really good reviews of this place and been wanting to try their food.

They have birthday treat deal of their Nasi Campur for free when you go on your birthday.

So that's what I had and the dishes were spectacular. Absolutely no complaints and everything tasted so expertly done. From the rice, to the rendang and satay, to their seafood and sambal, every dish was amazing!

We also got their lamb chops and a dessert which were both brilliant as well.

Highly recommend this place!

Also got to hang out with my wife. Thank you for being in my life and always thinking about doing nice things for me. You make my life better, easier, and everything in between.

Grateful for life, family, friends, and food to share.

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Semua nampak sedap oh. Where is it ya?