Deranged Photography Contest new theme announcement and winners of the Buildings Theme

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This week, we are returning to one of my favorite themes. If you know me, you know I love my pets and I love seeing pictures of the pets here on Hive as well. So get your camera and take some shots of your fur babies. Make sure to be creative with your images and take the time to make yours stand out above everyone else's.


How is the Deranged Photography Contest set up?

Every Sunday, I will announce a new theme for the week and you will have until Saturday to get your submission in. There will be two tiers for the contest. A professional tier and an amateur tier. When making your submission, you must state which tier you will be competing in. I usually get a lot of entries, so make sure to follow all the rules or else your submission won't count and will likely be ignored.

I will not allow any entry that is not your own original photography. If you are caught plagiarizing someone else's work, you will be flagged and banned from participating in any future contest. So make sure that the photos you are submitting are ones that you personally take.

All entries must be done through the Liketu front end. One of the goals of the contest is to create more awareness of Liketu, so make sure that you create your post from

You only get one entry per week, so make sure to spend some time on getting a good photo and creating a fun post about your entry. You will need to submit a link to your post in the comment section of the contest announcement post and you will need to include at least one image from your post in the comment you make. You are encouraged to share more than one image in your post. The more effort you put into your post, the more chance you have for curation and possibly winning your tier.


On top of a chance for curation from Liketu, the top three entries in each tier will be awarded as follows:

1st8 Hive4 Hive
2nd5 Hive3 Hive
3rd3 Hive2 Hive

Rules overview

  • Your entry must be made on Liketu.
  • No plagiarism. If you are caught plagiarizing, you will be flagged and banned from future contest.
  • You must state the tier you are competing in, Professional or Amateur.
  • You must comment on the weekly contest announcement post with a link to your entry and at least one photo from your post.

The rules are pretty easy, so make sure to follow them or your entry will be ignored.


Winners of the

Pro tier

1st Place @fmajuniorphoto


2nd Place @tommyl33


3rd Place @itchyfeetdonica


Amateur Tier

1st Place @wittyzell


2nd Place @coquicoin


3rd Place @mrsp1997



The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people( @fmajuniorphoto, @solips, @gentleshaid ) sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at


Thank you so much, I am glad you do

My entry for this week!

Of course, I couldn't let this theme pass by without an entry!

As always, it's very hard to enter a photo for this theme. I have soooo many, but in the past I have entered more than one photo from Rowan. I think it's time Skipper took over from Rowan.

So this one is my entry for this week


Awww. Looks like my Rusty when he was a baby.

Don't get fooled! Behind those blue eyes lives a ferocious hunter \o


Love those eyes

That is such a cool shot.

Wahhh , thanks for listing my photo in second place for the pro tier. Congratulations for all winner.

This is my entry for this round in pro tier.


Great shot. I am keeping you in the pro tier. Not fair to others for you to lower down after winning.

Thanks so much. :). Sure sure , i glad to be in pro tier. Im editing my entry to pro tier ;). !PIZZA

Congratulations to all the winners of the Building contest. The current contest is really surprising because of the theme. I didn't wait long and here is my contribution to the Deranged Photography Contest : Adorable Rabbit


Cute rabbit. What tier are you competing in?

Thank you so much brother. This is for amateur level.

Hello i saw this contest i want to join heres my entry


what a massive yawn haha cute

@mrprofessordaily Indeed he was cute in the photos im glad that u like it 🤣🤣

Congrats to the Winners! Just saw this Contest and took the opportunity to try Liketu the first time. Here is my Entry


Thanks and Greetings :v:

What tier are you competing in?

It's in the Post. For the Amateur Tier

Wow… I'm really happy for the first place! all the photos are amazing!!! Thanks Friends!

Here is my Entry for this week with my favourite theme but a sad entry for me. This dog will always be in my heart.

Tier: Amateur

Hello.! here is the link to my post.



I leave my participation on time, thank you very much, there are some beautiful pictures of cute pets @derangedvisions 😊


This is my participation in the contest organized by @derangedvisions
I chose the path of amateur photograph

First time entering, amateur tier..

deranged photography contest.jpg

What tier are you competing in?

I would see myself as an amateur to be honest. I'm far away from a professional i think.

Hi👋, this is my first time participating in this contest😄, here is my entry for the amateur tier (I hope I followed the rules well).

Hello dear friend @derangedvisions good day
This is my image and the link of my amateur participation

have a beautiful day

Congratulations to all the winners as mentioned above for the Deranged Photography Contest - Building theme. I would like to join the current contest for the Pets theme under Amateur Tier. The link of my entry HERE .

Hello friends!
This is my entry for the Deranged Photography Contest: Pet, in Professional category
Thanks for the opportunity!
Foto 06-04-2020 12 07 23.jpg

The Pro Tier and Amateur Tier shots of the last week are stunning! I will try to take some photos from my pets this week! Would love to take part in it!

We had so many great entries. Looking forward to seeing what you got for this one.

Wooow! Thanks a lot!
Congrats everyone!

I’ll just enjoy the adorable pets for this week. So excited to meet them all!

Amazing pics from last week! Congratulations to all! I had to skip it, but will make an entry for the pets' themed contest.

The photos from the last contest were really great. People found great buildings. I don't have a pet at the moment. Maybe I'll enter with a friend's. I'm sure there will be some great photos in this contest too.

Congratulations to the winnners, am surely joining the next one.

Thanks for the contest, I have a doubt sometimes I need to edit the post that I published in liketu but I can't find an option from the dapp and I have to edit from peakd.

How do I edit from liketu? @derangedvisions

Thank you so much! Congrats to all the winners!
I'll try to join for this week with some of my pet pics.
Cheers! thank you again.

Thank you for the prize¡ Some amazing architecture shots there¡


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This is not a valid entry. The post needs to be made through the Liketu front end. Make sure to read the rules.


It's all in the rules where the posts need to be made from. If they arent made in the Liketu front end, they won't show up on their front end.

What a perfect timing! I going home today so would get a chance to have photos of our pets at home.
Count me in🙂

Is the talking bird included in this competition??

If it is a pet, then yes

Yes, it is a domestic bird, but because it is a talker, I can post more videos

So cute!!

I'm going to do it. I have a beautiful cat

Hello , here my entry amateur



Hello, here my entry for Amateur tier

Thank you and good luck to everyone.

Congratulations to the winners!


Due to your toxic behavior, you are not welcome to participate in my contests

Due to your toxic behaviors , i will not participate in your contests