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RE: Weekend Ink... Featuring Dave!

in Liketu10 months ago

It would be awesome if you released some "behind the scenes" content as premium subscription only content. I would definitely be interested in seeing things like the process of such a character design (how awesome it is btw) and maybe learn some things along the way. I'm not an artist, at all, but curious learner. Either way, i'm really diggin the aesthetic.


Thanks so much, I'm glad you're diggin' it! I can see myself playing around with Liketu's premium features for sure. I've got to consider how I might utilize it. I appreciate the encouragement!

It is a bit early and we've got a lot of work to do to make it a lot more user friendly, but just a thought anyway. Will be following your stuff either way!

I'm also curious, are the main "Explore" categories on the Liketu homepage manual or dynamic based on usage? If the former I'd advocate for an art or illustration tile, and if the latter I guess we'll just have to get more artists posting!

So, the way the categories on explore work, is we have a default list (admittedly from years ago where we first started) and that is used to append to the dynamic list where the dynamic list doesn't have items (if there aren't enough unique categories being tagged by current liketu users)

We will probably do a lot more tweaking to make these context aware. For instance, in "My Feed", the categories are procedurally generated by the categories most used by the people you follow, and if you click on anyone of them, then its the most used categories that are most commonly used with that one. It probably looks a little bit repetitive but we designed it with the assumption that eventually the platform and it's users will have more than enough posts to fill those up.

I personally would like to "explore" more ways of delivering usage dependent categories on the explore page, but we don't track browsing behaviour, only chain behaviour, so we'll have to think about how to go about making that more feasible.