Getting some souvenirs from Bugis Junction

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It is customary for us to purchase souvenirs to gift to our friends and relatives. So, whenever I go, I make a point of stopping by a souvenir shop to buy some gifts.
I wanted to go to Chinatown, but I was about to meet a friend, and Chinatown was out of the way for her. So I decided to stop by Bugis Junction. I visited here the last time I was in Singapore. I did buy several items from the same store the previous time I visited there.

While I waited for them, I was able to visit a certain store and view some wonderful products that I could purchase with the money I had left. I was looking for a bag, but all of the bags in there were rather small. In this store, I spent $30 SGD (1,196.90 PHP).

I know it was pricey for a few pieces, but I'm pleased with what I got and it's cute. lol

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kacute! shopping spree jd daun!

Hahaha ubusan ng dollar 😂😂

hahahhaha. ana lng ang peg!

Hahaha yes ana jud

All stuff here so cute, I especially like the necklaces and earings :)

It is very cute, too bad not allowed to try it hehe

Omg sa earrings gyud nasangit akong mata. Hahaha

Haha mahal besh 😂😂😂
Mag shein nalang oks 😂😂😂

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Pitaka ray ako plith haha