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Those of you that know me or have read my past posts know that I have struggled hard with ups and downs. These last 7 months have been quite interesting for me. I’ve done a lot of learning and growing (and getting fit and healthy)

End of Dec 2021 our family got the Flu, went one week of feeling better and caught COVID (my 3rd time) so I had about 6 weeks of being sick and miserable. By the end of January I was feeling better and got to working out on our Tonal.

March I had my tonsils removed and because I was so active, my healing went SUPER smoothly and I was back at it working out (I LOVE OUR TONAL) since my tonsil removal I have gone months without getting super sick!! I am so happy! It’s been YEARS since I have gone consecutive months without getting sick knocks on wood I lost 11 lbs from my surgery and have just maintained that loss.

7 months of being consistent with working out daily (usually 2 times a day) has proved to be amazing for my mind and body! Wes and I do a nightly yoga or mobility of some sort and it’s my favorite part of the day!

I am working on me. I want to be the best version I can be by the time I am 40 (2 years left) I am grateful for Wes and our kids for allowing me space to grow and being a spot to land when I crumble. I love this new view on life and I super love the people who are in this journey by my side!

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You seem to be doing very well and I hope you will do much better. Covid really sucks and I'm one of the few people who never went through it.
Wes is one of the best people I know on this platform. Doing yoga and sports together will give you both more motivation. Have a good day.

I will never be as cool as my wife.

You can ask her to lecture you on this. She is not going to refuse you.

Covid does suck. I hate it every time. Ha. Wes and I are equally as cool 😂😂😂

We all know that you are cooler than Wes. You don't need to be modest 😂.

It's so important to have the space to work on yourself so that you can be there for everyone else. I'm so glad you've both found something that really works for you. Strong back is looking very strong! Well done!

Thank you! It’s been a wild journey these last few months! But it’s been so Amazing!!

You totally look like 25 and it is always refreshing to see such love between you two 💜🌹💜

I will take it!! Yesterday I went with our daughter to school shop and a lady thought WE were shopping for back to school 🎉 I love this aging backwards stuff!!

Also. Thank you! We have gone through a lot to be where we are today!

Thank you! I am so proud of them!!!

Woohoo! Our nightly mobility and yoga is my favorite. You are AWESOME!