Chicken Molt Getting Them Ready For Winter

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Chickens are one of my favorite animals to have on the homestead. Even though they did drive me a little crazy this year as many of them went broody on me. They produce no chicks and just a bunch of disgusting blown up smelly eggs (I can’t even explain how bad it smelled lol). Since then I’ve kicked them on so I can start getting a few fresh eggs again before the dead of winter rolls in.

Many of my hens have started to molt (seen in these pictures) . It's a natural process they go through each year in which they lose their feathers and replace them with high quality feathers to get them ready for the winter months ahead.

I am a firm believer that chickens are a wonderful gateway animal to self sufficiency. Even having two backyard hens is a great start!

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What makes them get broody and have bad eggs like that? I am going to be spending my Christmas money on my first chicken tractor and I am looking to get some chicks to get started. Just curious what to be looking out for.

And I got my first self-sustained meat for the house this weekend! Got a beautiful doe that is going to help pack up the freezer for the winter. First on the family property to get one this season, lol. And I am the city boy moving back, haha. Showed all my uncles that I am no push over, lol. I am a tech neck, technologically savvy redneck! LOL.

Some chickens want to go broody while others don't it's really hit or miss. The eggs blowing up and smelling like that are just because they are laying on under developed eggs so the gasses build up in the egg and pop. The smell is so bad lol

That's awesome on the doe! I'm in the tech savvy homestead lifestyle as well. A lot of people have trouble understanding that on socials and think everything has to be old school on socials haha

Keep up the great work!

Ah okay. So it’s just kind of a random thing you can’t really control?

For the most part. The faster you take the eggs out of their nesting boxes and kick them out the better if you don't want them to go broody.

Gotcha, thanks for the advice!

I like see when we make home farms, and we start get clean food 👌🤗👌👌👌🍽🧅🧂🥖🍷

Yay! 🤗
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