Mother's Day Celebrations!

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I believe many countries in the world celebrate Mother's Day in the second Sunday of May as Mother's Day. In Malaysia, we too celebrated it yesterday.

My church friend who is a fellow mother bought a genmaicha cake for us Mothers to celebrate our hard work and from one mother to another, she said she knows now it is not easy to be a mother. I fully agree and appreciate her kind gesture. Only a few mothers were present yesterday but it also means we get to eat a bigger piece of the delicious genmaicha cake, which we also did share with our children in the end. Hahaha mothers food are rarely fully theirs, if you know what I mean.

At night, I went out with my mum-in-law and my sister-in-law @iamjadeline for a rare meal without our children! Hahaha another rare and precious thing to do, suggested by my mum-in-law. I prepped my som ready for school the next day and cooked them their dinner before I went off. We had a precious 2.5 hours to ourselves at Sushi Zanmai, a Japanese eatery with queue always but worth the queue!


We ordered a few things to be shared together and they were:

  • Niku Ramen (Ramen with shoyu broth and sliced beef)
  • Dragon Mentai Roll (Salmon and ebiko sushi roll with avocado)
  • Assorted Sashimi (bluefin tuna, salmon and yellow tail)
  • Salmon with rice
  • Assorted sushi

I think all of the food were very delicious. The staff informed us there could be a wait of 30 minutes because they were short of manpower, before we entered in. We didn't mind or even realize if the serving of food was slow cos we finally could talk without any children's interruption. Usually with children around, I can be much more tense and lazy to engage in conversations.

As for my own mum, she is enjoying her new car taken the day before mother's day and a yam ice-cream cake we got for her!

It was definitely a great night out and we could give ourselves a pat after we also confided that we wished we have more patience as mothers to our children. After being a mother for 8 years, I think feel I have so much more to learn and unlearn. I guess that is what motherhood is. It is a privilege and the craziest role I have ever taken. I want to thank my two boys who call me their mummy for allowing me in this journey of discovery with them. We have lost it too on days when it is not all beautiful, but we also have learn to forgive and communicate better.

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers, though I am late in wishing! You have what it takes.

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