Wednesday Walk - Having An Indoor Arcade All to Ourselves!

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Although today I am not posting about a walk to anywhere outdoor for @tattoodjay's #wednesdaywalk, I want to share a few hours spent in this indoor arcade in a mall on a rare weekday off.

It was an off day for school as it was the "tomb cleaning day" for the Chinese ancestors and my son being in a Chinese school had a special day off to facilitate this occasion. Coincidentally, the husband had his day off too. I was thinking what a good opportunity to visit the indoor arcade, Molly Fantasy in the Aeon Mall near us.

I have some phobia going to indoor playground actually because my children tend to get sick in the past times after we visited any. However I thought since this is a holiday that only applies to Chinese vernacular school, perhaps there would be no crowd and I was right!

We had the whole arcade to ourselves!!!! Hooray!

This arcade charges RM10 per child on weekdays and RM15 per child on weekends. One accompanying adult for each child can enter for free so since I brought two children, both husband and I could enter for free. I like this arcade because according to their notice they sanitize the ball pit and the little indoor park regularly.

They have done a renovation to it as it is now totally different from the last we came. Now it has a bumper castle, some booths with toys for pretend plays, a little cute race track and of course the ball pit. It also has some newer toys such as the magnetic tiles and the connecting suckered pieces to join and build structures. My youngest was pleased to see anything colourful so he got very engrossed playing by himself.

Some other game stations are like these:

The eldest one went ahead to pretend to be selling burgers to me and his dad before he went for a ball pit fight with us.

It was so good to see them enjoying themselves. We let them play to their heart's content for about 2 hours. The duration per entrance is actually 3 hours. They even allow us to go out of the arcade and be back, so long within the 3 hours.

The Hitting Game

After playing about an hour, the boys decided to come out of the little park and played the Hitting game. I don't know what its real name is but basically we use the hammers given to hit anything that pops up hehe. My eldest mentioned the other day that he remembered he played this when he was young and wished to play again. So today bringing along his younger brother who was attempting it his first time, they played this with RM2 tokens which is now accessed with credits in a card loaned from the arcade cashier. At first the youngest was a bit clueless but then he slowly got it after his dad demonstrated it to him on how to play.

The Basketball Game

The eldest had been wanting to go for basketball but it often rains in the evening so this indoor arcade was like something to make do for now. The eldest was actually quite impressive with it and he kept scoring. As for the youngest who is shorter still, he kept trying and almost got the ball into the hoop. Like that he never give up and finally he scored too! Yay, so proud of them both!

The Air Hockey Game

This was the classic game that people usually play. I remembered when the eldest was still young, he always did not manage to guard against his dad but this took a turn today when he managed to guard and even scored against his father! The youngest was too short for this game so he was basically cheering the dad and the brother on!

After a good two hours here, we went for lunch and I could see our satisfied smiles. It was a morning well spent before we dropped the oldest one to his Chinese and Malay enrichment class which was right after lunch. He said he was very happy! I like off days well spent and simple pleasures like this! Best of all, I like the less crowded arcade!

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Looks such a fun arcade and so cool you had it pretty much to yourselves I bet the kids had such fun

Thanks for joining the Wednesday Walk, Sorry last week was a bit rough for me and I not only did not get out for any walks, but also was not able to visit all the walks from last week, but feeling better this week and visiting posts again which is always fun for me to visit the walks from all around the world, getting a feel for communities where people live and what they see on their daily walks

So cute. :)

Lovely to see your post.