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Last Saturday, when I was conducting my online class with my boys around me, I realized my youngest started to cough, which he was perfectly well before that.

Then he showed signs of him feeling the difficulty of eating his lunch and he actually vomited after that. I felt his body temperature and he started to feel warm. I knew instantly something was not right.

His grandma who takes care of him when I teach, was not well last week. Hence I too suspected that she had covid and now maybe the son too had gotten it. That night, the son's sleep was the worst ever. He kept crying and asked to be carried and he had fever whole might through, even with panadol given to him. I sponged him the whole night and barely slept.

The next day, I tested him with a nasal swab.

Two dark lines on the test kit for covid!

He was tested covid positive. He lost his appetite. He could not sleep in peace. He seemed to have lots of dreams. I did my best to soothe him, still sponging him throughout the day. He started to develop some cough too.

Towards the night, I felt chills. I felt cold in such a hot weather. So I knew something was not right with me too. I took painkillers and we took long nap that noon. At night, I took a drowsy flu medicine to help me sleep. I still woke up from time to time to check on the son's temperature and wake him up to take medicine.

The following day, I took a saliva test kit and I saw my faint second line. I knew I got the virus too, unfortunately, though I had been masked on the whole time when I took care of him, even when I slept. A friend helped buy us some kolo mee for lunch and thank God for her because all these incidents happened during the Hari Raya time when food delivery was off the list and my husband was working still.

The noodles comforted us and my son finally regained some appetite and ate a bit. It was such a relief to see him eat!

On our day 3 of quarantine, @josephinengpy7 boiled us some herbal drinks called loh hon kor to help me cool down my body and finish the course of fever. I tested again this day and my second line was still faint. She also got me Subway sandwiches which I am thankful for because I got really sick of eating plain food.

Later in the noon, my another friend ordered in some chocolate cakes for the boy and me!!! These made us so happy. It made us feel less sick and more like celebrating a birthday.

After those few days, food delivery resumed. I did not cook as I wanted to minimise my contact to protect the eldest son who is not tested positive but he quarantined himself in another room. He stayed put the whole time and did not come out of the room except to put his bowl to the kitchen and to use the bathroom.

During my recovery period, I craved for stronger taste food and I tend to order tom yam and curry for myself. My taste bud did change in this period as I kept tasting a metallic taste in my mouth. The husband also has been faithfully bringing food back for dinner after his work everyday and be with the eldest son who was alone by himself throughout the day. We do video calls a lot and we communicated via messaging.

At Day 7 of quarantine, I was finally tested negative. My viral load seemed to be lesser as I have never seen an obvious second like for myself. However, for my son, his second line was still very vivid at day 5amd he even developed hives on both his legs on day 6 which made me panicked a little. At day 8, he still has a faint 2nd line.

Am just thankful for every friend who helped to deliver food and things to us in this time!!!

We are finally released from the room today! I felt so good after cleaning and mopping the floor with disinfectant, changed all the sheets to clean ones and can finally cook for the family. I learnt that covid itself is not that scary but the troubles that come with it is a lot. I felt the inconvenience of it, especially when it prevents me from teaching and need to make a lot more arrangements. Now with the new variant arise, I really pray that none of us will get it again. I really hate seeing my active son looking so lifeless when covid attacked him. Good to see him back to his cheerful self now!

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