The Chalcophaps Indica

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I have no recollection of where these photos were taken as they were old (timestamp was 2016) but I found them on my archives some days ago and the photos are still good so I thought of sharing them today.

Had no idea what the bird is called either so I checked Google Lens and found out that it is a "Common Emerald Dove." Checking further with Wiki and I quote:

It is also called Asian emerald dove and grey-capped emerald dove. It is a widespread resident breeding pigeon native to the tropical and the subtropical parts of the Indian Subcontinent and South Asia. The dove is also known by the names of green dove and green-winged pigeon.

The common emerald dove is the state bird of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The Pacific emerald dove and Stephan's emerald dove dove were both considered conspecific. - (Source)

I love the pigeon's colors and its orange beak too. It's looking calm and friendly that it seems to have looked into the camera while its photos were being taken.😁

It baffles me that we had such pictures but we were overseas that year so I guess we may have photographed it somewhere there, lol! Even the husband could not remember but it was saved in one of our portable hard drives, amongst various photos and the folder was labeled "Misc" whatever that means. 😄

Speaking of birds, we have a power outage during the day so I spent it mostly outdoors and been wanting to take photos of the sparrows but they are quite elusive. I had some grains scattered as my bait for them to come and feed on so I can take some pics but they seem to know I was just lurking around. And just when I ain't paying attention, they would sneak around and eat. The moment I move an inch, they would fly away at once.🙈

Guess I will just enjoy listening to them chirp each morning, hehe!

Photos are my own, unless specified otherwise. 02022023/17:15ph

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