ANOTHER BEAUTIFUL SATURDAY strolling around the boardwalk and having some afternoon drinks🍹🌱🤍☕

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Just another beautiful weekend today with some amazing weather and have the reason to be out walking enjoying the sun and chilling out having some good drinks. Weekend is just another family day for us and so grateful to be able to go on a small trip outside our humble home. Going to some familiar places , meeting a lot of people. Enjoying the beautiful sunny Philippines weather , staring at blue skies, taking photos of the beautiful sun rays passing through some beautiful clouds and just like that! Taking some time to just embrace everything on a Saturday weekend! We went to visit our newly favourite place called IL CORSO. Where we can always walk around and just be in a relaxing mood.

How's everyone's weekend so far? Hoping for an easy weekend for everyone!

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It’s actually a great moment of walk, especially when you have such an amazing scenery to witness! Anyway, I love the drinks you had too.

Super girl! Thank you, Wishing you a happy Sunday! 💛

The sky photos are awesome!!😍 Pretty clouds🩵🫰 Great to see you and the fam are enjoying the weekend miessy🥰 ps, lami kaayo tan.awn ang mango shake ay huhue

Kaayo JONG! Hope to see you around and everyone soon! 💛💛💛

Very nice place for a walk! Love to be near the sea. Very lively atmosphere.

It's get so crowded when it's dark time. Thank you @kaminchan . Wish you a good sunday today! 💛💛💛

Looks fun, tita 😍