We can freely unwind the beauty of nature

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Hello liketu community...

Beach is part of my life since when I was a kid because my family really loves to swim. It's a great blessing to all of us to be near to the place that we can freely unwind the beauty of nature. Perfectly beautiful. The waves, the clouds, the rocks, the shells along the sands and the trees that sorrounds the beach.

The newly Bislig Bayfront become the first public open space in Bislig City, my hometown. I didn't expect this kind of park near the public market. Despite of lack of companies here but people really loved to live here. Even me, I do loved to stay here until I get old. A peaceful place that you will never neglict it. No pollution like in the city. No traffics. The park will feature recreational facilities such as a skate park, play areas, outdoor fitness space and some vendors selling street foods.

That's all for today and here's some photos from bayfront park. The simple but satisfying place to hangout. Thanks for dropping by and have a nice day to all of you.

April 8,2024
11:12 am

The fighter mom,

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Thank you so much @hivebuzz...

That's great @jeansapphire! We're impressed with your progress on Hive! Keep going and reach your new target!

So agree, sis Jean. Nature gives life! Beautiful photos as ever.

Thank you sis🤗...gandang Gabi.

Greetings friend, beautiful photos. We have something in common, the sea is also part of my life since I was a child. I used to enjoy it a lot, now when I grow up I don't like it because of the sun. Hahaha it would be so much to enjoy that now I'm just going to relax. Greetings

Thank you and yes the sun is freaking hot lol. We don't care the heat of the sun as long as we enjoy the place with such amazing views.

It's a beautiful place, tita.

Yes it is Nani🤗🤗🤗...thank you.