Thematic Expression: African Child (Shot & Edited On My iPhone 12)

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I'm still exploring the editing options on my iPhone 12, the capabilities are out of this world, I don't know if it's all just hype but the truth is, I'm taking with the phone's software, it's hardware, it's processing abilities and it's ability to deliver when you put it to the biggest test. So far, the only place Where this phone's camera disappoints might be nighttime photography.

The camera finds it difficult to shot portraits in dim light and this is because it's can be overly dark. With a little bit of light, the portrait comes alive, the subject separation might need very good and steady lighting to be excellent. However, One of the vivid capabilities of this iPhone is in it's portrait shot from the front and the back facing camera during daytime, especially when the angle of the light is directly reflectant on the subject.

In this stunning pictures, I took a picture of my nephew, he was in a sitting position and eating a fruit. One of the reasons why I found it iconic and worthy of sharing is the effects I applied. I tried to edit the picture to suit the theme of a true African child.

First I had him sitting in the hallway, because I wanted to blur out the hallway to create an aesthetic effect to what would eventually turn out to be a background. The reason why I had him sitting on the ground on the far edge of the hallway was because I was trying to create a crafty simplicity.

I had the options to make him sit on a chair on that same Hallway or even find a different scenic environment but then I decided that taking that shot in the hallway would create an effect of the theme I tried to create.


.......I had him eating a fruit because I didn't just want the picture to be bland. He was actually wearing a colourful shirt and pants and I could have him making just funny or unique facial expression, but I didn't I wanted him to hold something to complete him as a subject. Eating is synonymous with kids and this was why I felt, him eating a fruit wouldn't just give the image a different feel, it should interpret something different to him as a kid.

However I had to take two different shots with him in two different position, slightly different and one is completely black and white, giving it that monochromic effect The second one was coloured and enhanced to pop with saturated colours.

Another exciting thing is the editing aspect of these pictures. The bokeh effect helped with how I tweaked the pictures. On the coloured pictures, there was a table in the far end of the picture and even if it wasn't a subject in focus, I allowed it to stay out of focus for aesthetic effect, same on the black and white. I however felt that I was spot on with the editing of the colored picture. I tweaked the dimension of the image when I was cropping it.

This was done immediately I cropped the image to remove the parts that weren't essential or suit the pictorial effect I was trying to create.

So guys what do you think? What feeling did you get seeing this?

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Monochrome looks amazing, definitely prefer it to the first.

Haha wow, I didn't think that would seem better for you. I certainly prefer the coloured ones. I'm a sucker for colours.

You will not leave the child alone to eat his fruit ni

Lool we planned the fruit-eating now hahaha

I am sure he just wanted fruit 😆

It came with the package na as payment for the shoot 😅😅😅

😆 just imagine
It's alright, he looks amazing and the fruit too, they made your iPhone fine 😆

Thank you, I reckon that my editing experiments came out good 😅😅😅

He made your editing come out good.

This is so neat. You have me craving an iPhone

Hahaha I took about two hours to get this desired effect, while the shot is originally neat, I had to blend it to what I exactly wanted.
As per iPhone, you can get one.

No one would expect less from that kind of phone. I love this, man and now, you got me at the monochrome 😞. A true African child really!!! @josediccus

Hahaha thank you bro. In reality, I love photography, I'm always doing my best to create something different. At the end, I was happy with rne results I achieved.

Same is something i love to engage in, naturally.. My mum even told me that when i was little I was usually happy when a photographer holds a camera nearby 😁😁