Hangout with my friends at “Tum 20”

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Hello Hivers! ❤️
Welcome to my blog to take my friends enjoy with my post about Thai food.

  • It's a post where I went to hang out with my friends. We hadn't seen each other in over a year. We chose to meet at Tam 20, it is Thai restaurant. People like to come this restaurant in the evening and socialize with friends mostly. The food here is famous for papaya salad, which Tam 20 means is papaya salad menu with a starting price of 20 baht.

  • The menu we chose was Sea Mole Eggs, which had a mild taste and was salty eat with steamed rice it make more delicious, crispy fried morning glory, the taste is a strong, salty, spicy, sour, sweet taste of the sauce when eat with crispy fried morning glory it so delicious, and this menu that I really like, Spicy corn and salted egg salad It's like a dish that doesn't go together between salted egg and corn, but when eat it, they are very well. And there are many other menus that we have ordered.

  • It was a nice hang out with friends that was a good memory, and had fun talking it was another dinner for me where we enjoyed the food and meeting each other this time.

  • 📌 Location: Bangkok, Thailand

  • 📷 Photographed by: iPhone 15 Pro Max 📷"@kittima

  • Translated into Thai/English by Google Translate

❤️ I hope friend will enjoy with my post.
Thank you for always following and supporting me. ❤️

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Tam is honestly the best! So easy to make and so easy to enjoy it! the more zapp, the better!