Travel diary - This is Africa: The Jetty Bar & Restaurant

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Hello guys,

I have a great tip for you today. When in Zanzibar, don't forget to visit The Jetty Bar & Restaurant.
This great bar is located in the southeast of the island between the two traditional towns of Paje and Jambiani.
Its great location makes it the best place to enjoy cocktails or a beer at sunset.
The bar is located on a pier from which you can observe the life of the locals. Children catch fish and crabs. In the distance on the horizon you can see fishing boats waiting for a catch.
I liked Savanna Dry cider from South Africa the most. Savanna Dry is made from crushed apples grown in the Elgin Valley in the fertile Western Cape, I later learned.

This bar has a great atmosphere and I would definitely recommend it.

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Looking at the restaurant, it seems that I should visit it, but my financial situation is not good right now, so I don't have the energy. But you gave all the information in this post which made me know that this place is very beautiful.

Thank you, I hope your situation improves and you enjoy the great places too.
Have a nice day!

Parádní bar, moc jsme si to tam užili ;) :*

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Yay! 🤗
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It is great to enjoy Zanzibar through your eyes. Thank you.

Thank you for nice comment! Have a nice sunny Sunday!

Hope you did too.