A kitten from the hospital: Covi 😽

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Hello friends, happy Sunday.

Yesterday I had to stay overnight at the hospital to take care of my grandmother, so I had to spend a long night without sleep and take care of her. I was very scared, I still am, since she has crying spells and it scares me, she has been very withdrawn, I can see that she is not conscious and that worries me a lot. I just hope everything is ok and soon she will be able to come home.

In my night shift I found this beautiful orange cat that accompanied us all night, his name is Covi, he is very cute. Last year when my grandmother got the stroke we also lived with him in the hospital, how nice to feel a cat company in the middle of so much chaos.

Hola amigos, feliz domingo.

Ayer me tocó quedarme a pasar la noche en el hospital para cuidar a mi abuela, así que me tocaba una noche larga sin dormir y estar pendiente de ella. Tenía mucho miedo, aún lo tengo, ya que ella le dan crisis de llanto y me asusta, ella ha estado muy ida, se ve que no está consciente y eso me preocupa bastante. Solo espero que todo esté bien y pronto pueda regresar a casa.

En mi turno nocturno me encontré a este bello gato naranja que nos acompaño toda la noche, se llama Covi, es muy lindo. El año pasado cuando a mi abuela le dió el acv también convivimos con el en el hospital, que lindo sentir una compañía gatuna en medio de tanto caos.

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I hope your grandmother gets better soon so she can go home. The one good thing is that you saw your cat friend Covi!

Deseo que tu abuelita mejore 🙏🏻 y los animalitos son la mejor compañia 👏🏻 bendiciones

Muchas gracias 😊🫂