Weekend at Father's Hometown| Guihulngan City Negros Oriental

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I together with my entire family went to negros last weekend. We rented a van that can accommodate us 15 pax. We traveled around 4 am and reached the port around 8 in the morning. We rode the 9 am boat heading to Dumaguete City. We ate our breakfast in Liloan port and once we arrived in Dumaguete we just had our iced coffee and dessert.

We stayed in Starbucks for an hour or two the travel again. Isn't it tiring? indeed it is but we don't have a choice because my sister @gwenfinity harass us to get hurry. lol! We had our lunch along the way.
I didn't roam around dumaguete city but i've been there in 2011 when we held job-fairs from my previous company.

The only place that i had a photo of is starbucks because i didn't go out in the boulevard to take photo. lol. My body isn't cooperating due to my fever that time.

Happiness is best felt when you shared it with your loveones. To more travel with the family ❤️

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love your outfit Ate! yelloooooooowoowowowooww...

Thanks 😘😘😘

Ahh what a trip I have a trip for 6 hours ny best friend is getting married in Alabama I'm in the United States

wow, congratulations to your bestfriend