The difficult task of keeping children safe

in Liketu2 months ago


Hello friends, I will tell you a little bit about my day yesterday. One moment everything can be normal with your child and the next moment you are running to the hospital.

I had planned my whole day and just before going out to the street my son fell on his arm and would not stop crying, even for the first time he said the exact place where it hurt, he is 2 years old and while he was in his car after we went out to the street he told me "my arm hurts mom", these words and seeing his arm still because he could not move it made me take him quickly to the social security.

After checking him, they immobilized his arm and sent him to have a plate made from the shoulder. It was difficult to do it since there was no light in the whole area and it arrived at 4 pm. He has a small fracture and must have his arm immobilized for 3 weeks. When you have small children your plans can change in an instant, they insist on constantly risking their lives. As moms our job is to keep them safe but there are times when you don't make it and you blame yourself for that.

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