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I can not believe I am just hearing of this new Instagram like service on the Hive Block Chain! I have to say I am very impressed. Thanks to @elmerlin for taking the chance to build this project here on what I believe to be the best BlockChain out there. We all know that many people would rather Micro Blog instead of writing full posts all the time. So this will be a nice option to when I want to drop some pictures, just like the ones above. Pictured from left to right, Banana Punch x Mac and Cheese F1, Purple Wheelchair, Lemon Crème, Slurricrasher, Viper City Og, and then the Big Mack F1. For full write ups on my grow, or smoke report's, follow me over on my @jonyoudyer account.

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 last year  

welcome to Liketu, people on here liketu is very enthusiastic, you won't regret to spend your time here.
but it's recommended that you do more introduction of yourself in your very first post on liketu so we can understand your background much better

Ok. Ill do that next post. I totally did not think about that since I have been on Hive for 4 years lol. But forget this is completely new. Thanks for the welcome:)

 last year  

no worry, it's normal for the old user on hive actually 😅
I have been on hive for only 2 years by the way

Cool, nice to meet you!

 last year  


Don't want to sound like a introduction nazi, I know you've been on hive for years so its' weird to introduce again, but we appreciate it nevertheless!

Lol i hear you. It’s great to expand my horizons anyways. My next Liketu post will be an intro :)

Woah bro, im drooling looking at the slurricrasher bud. That look like freakin front row top shelf product lol.

Can i ask you where you found this beauty? Is it from a seedbank?

So fuckin frosty and from what i've experience so far with similar looking bud profile, it has to be the bomb, and taste like heaven.

Soooo frosty love it. GREEEAAAAT job @jonyoudyer.

And not placing all ths others appart, all of them are beauty,
The Banana Punch X Mac is also retarded. I've always been attracked by the purplish strains. Did you lowwr your room temperature in flowering, or its just the common color of those strains?

And another question for sure i'm not 100% sure on this one, does MAC stand for miracle alien cookie?

Purple strains are my weakness! Not always the best, but they always have the best bag appeal. The slurricrasher is from exotic genetics I believe, the banana punch is actually one I’m working on now. I have the f2 available at @bifbeans

Yea I’ll have to check the app out!
Btw that Mac & cheese is f’in awesome…1 of my faves right now !PIZZA

Thanks! And hell yeah do it. You don’t have to always use it, but to do a post every now and then would be cool. Us hovers need to show support to as many projects as we can. Just think about it. Someone dropped a lot of there own $ and time because they believe in our blockchain. So for us to devote a sliver of out time would be beneficial to everyone!


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Those buds look so excellent. I bet every time you handle them just a little keef falls off.