Un bonito maquillaje para una salida rápida | A nice make-up for a quick outing

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Hola hola, el día de hoy les comparto un maquillaje listo y rápido el cual me realicé en la calle. Jajaja, sí. En la calle! y es que salí sin maquillarme pero aproveché de llevar los productos en mii mochila y en un momento libre que tuve me maquillé super rapidamente. Que les parece?

Hello hello, today I'm sharing with you a quick and ready makeup that I did on the street. Hahaha, yes. In the street! I went out without makeup but I took the opportunity to take the products in my backpack and in a free moment I had I did my makeup super fast. What do you think?

Camera: Redmi Note 8

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te quedó re lindo amiga!💜


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I love your simple make-up and you look so beautiful with your nice get-up for the outing. Quick makeup on the street was incredible. Your eyes are indeed so beautiful and I am captivated. Have a great day and regards.