Kimch: Let’s eat k-food in Tisa

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Hi! Cian here, and today I’m going to bring you to a newly opened place in Tisa that serves Korean foods. Even though it’s just a few days ago that we had our pay in, we almost got nothing in our wallets. But even with that, we still will go and get that chicken hahaha.

@theduoxplorer suggested last Thursday morning for us to eat at a korean place near her house. We saw their menu and we craved one or two hahaha. We need to eat there even if we don’t have a lot of money anymore 😂.

We ordered k-chicken plain rice meal worth ₱135.00 ($2.41), tteokbokki with mozzarella worth ₱165.00 ($2.95), and some soft drinks. Their food are delicious and just worth the price. A place that you must go to if you like eating kfoods at an affordable price. 😊

KIMCH is located near the barangay hall of Tisa - at the top of the building with 360 pharmacy.

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I'm gonna be eating some kimchee in a little bit also! cool!

Those are all delicious foods 😁 How's your kimch yesterday? 😅

😜😋🤛😊 sarap!