My College Friend's Wedding

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For all I know, a wedding requires a lot of preparations, time and effort. The couples will face a lot of obstacles all though the wedding preparations and it's normal however, I've never seen such many obstacles as one experience by my college bestie, Chariss. Her wedding was postponed twice because of some unforeseen circumstances. The first time she told me about her wedding plan was way back 2020, it was postponed because of the COVID Outbreak. Then, they decided to push through the wedding last December 2021 but Typhoon Odette came, not to mention, my friend Chariss' father died weeks before the scheduled day of the wedding. I thought they'll just set the wedding aside but gladly, I received the news that they scheduled it on June 8. I am more than happy that this wedding finally happened after all the problems the couple have been through before the wedding.

There wedding took place at Sto. Niño de Cebu- Mactan Parish and the reception was held in Chateau by the Sea. The vibes beside the sea was such a refreshing experience. I must commend her wedding coordinator for a very classy minimalist design. We had a lot of fun and the host really made sure that everyone leave with a smile on their faces. I went home with so much memories and ultimately, I am so happy for my bestie and her husband, finally, Mr and Mrs Corpin.

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😊🤙 so nice! i luv that shade of green! nice to see ur post!