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RE: Weekend Ink... Featuring Dave!

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Hey! Yes! I definitely wouldn't forget the face of this handsome man.

The technology and its stuff, it looks more comfortable hmmmm it reminds me of VR controls.
and the small figures in the background?


I've never had VR or anything like a Wii... but you're absolutely right it reminds me of those controllers I've seen! With a little practice it's very comfortable and intuitive.

Those figures are little artist mannequins that are built like very posable action figures to help work out poses and use as reference. They're usually found under the name Figuarts or Body Kun but can be kind of tough to shop for as there are a lot of cheap counterfeits around that don't pose well and fall apart!

Hahahahaa I haven't had them either, (I want to have a VR team, from what I've seen they are great), I imagine that over time using it would be more natural like everything.

I knew of those but of those that were made of wood, but those look very different (more updated). How can I distinguish one from another? As long as I can buy one of those, I'm not going to screw up and end up with shit instead of the tool you're telling me about.

The companies official site just links through to Amazon shops, but hopefully those links would get folks to the proper products!

The couple I have are from this series, they're a bit more anime inspired, particularly the female figure

And then they have a series called "Archetype" which is more expensive and the figures have more super-hero type proportions. (I've got my eye on those...)

And if you browse around the site you'll see that they make all kinds of licensed character action figures that are pretty posable, so if you have some favorite characters you like to collect then the figure can kind of fill two roles! But the plain artist model series I linked tend to be the most posable ones.

Thanks for the links I saw them and saved them, I love them all and I think that to tell the truth I would collect each one of those figurines, they are so many models, wonderful! I think it would be like a child in a candy store, I wouldn't know where to start.

I saw the poses of the ones you want and they can practically be placed as you wish, they also come with various accessories and are elevated too? It can be given quite a lot of utility, it's very cool!

I hope you can get them soon😊.