Revisiting first two years of Talleo...

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I thought it is good time to revisit what has happened since we launched Talleo's mainnet in December 2019.

Introducing minimum transaction count

At block height 10000, we introduced minimum of 1 transaction in every mined block. This eventually did lead to discovery that when difficulty goes low, then recovers, it can swing back to very low causing unsigned integer underflow. At block height 1000000, this was finally fixed by introducing minimum difficulty of 1000000. The number was chosen as it both matches the block height that the limit was introduced and also is slightly higher than mid-range CPU can solve. It equals to about 16.667 kH/s effective hashing power.

Introducing maximum anonymity level

At block height 11368, we retroactively introduced maximum mixin of 50. This was to fix memory corruption caused by buffer overflow in memory manager under Linux causing the daemon to crash. Windows was not affected.

Legacy character set support in GUI wallet

Original code for GUI wallet didn't support any other legacy character sets than UTF-8 due to change in how Qt handles conversion with std::string class. As workaround the code explicitly converts from Unicode to legacy character set and back instead of relying on automatic conversion.

Deploying wrapped token bridges on testnets

In early 2021, we did launch three token bridges for Talleo to respective testnets. First bridge was for Rinkeby testnet of Ethereum, followed by Nile testnet of Tron and finally official testnet of Binance Smart Chain.

Compiler support

Support was added for compiling using more recent versions of gcc, clang and Visual C++. Several warnings and compiler errors were fixed. Initial support for Android was added. As of time this post was created, supported platforms for Android are x86, 32-bit ARM and AArch64.