Talleo adds support for compiling under FreeBSD and NetBSD.

in Talleolast year

In recent commits, patches were included to allow building command-line binaries under FreeBSD 13.0 and daily snapshot of NetBSD (tested with 9.99.96). NetBSD 9.2 or older don't support required kernel features, so compiling will fail. FreeBSD versions older than 13.0 are currently untested.

Command-line wallet, GUI wallet and webwallet also gained support for sending TLO using e-mail address. This required linking the command-line binaries against OpenSSL to allow incoming and outgoing SSL connections. RPC connections can also now be encrypted using SSL.

Sending using e-mail address requires the e-mail address to be registered on centralized server. E-mail address will be mapped to registered wallet address before sending the transaction to daemon. Currently only registered users of official webwallet server can receive TLO using e-mail address. Later we might add support for contacting domain specific server to resolve wallet addresses.