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Our aim is to support local Hive events and meetups all over the world. One part of this support is by upvotes of posts inside of our community. If you plan an event or you want to write a recap about one you have hosted/attended then feel free to post it inside of our community!

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The Importance of Party Recaps

Today, we've got some awesome party recaps, and we're thrilled to see many folks sharing their meetup and event stories. These posts are like little sparks of excitement for fellow Hivers who haven't joined a Hive event yet.

They also give a shout-out to the event host and team, showing gratitude for their hard work. Keep those posts coming, and if you can, attend more Hive events. If there's no party nearby, consider organizing your own and join the BuzzParty fun!

Party Recaps / Experiences

Algunas Otras Fotos Post Caracas Blockchain Week

created by: @jonsnow1983
curated by: @stevenson7

Amigos en la víaCon el gran @starkerzEs the Hive way o the highway@starkers y @josegrech en el Summi...
Summary, Caracas Blockchain Week23 ▶️ 🎥 [ESP/ENG]

created by: @moisesjohan
curated by: @tibfox

▶️ Watch on 3SpeakEspañolHola qué tal comunidad es un placer saludarlos, espero que todo estén muy b...
My five favorite Hive events in 2023

created by: @tonyes
curated by: @tibfox

A necessary introduction When December arrives, we begin to prepare the conditions to say goodbye to...
My learnings at the Caracas Blockchain Week 2023 event // ARTMINER & PIGCOINER exhibition [ENG-ESP]

created by: @hylene74
curated by: @tibfox

Greetings friends, welcome to my blog.Caracas Blockchain week 2023 was a wonderful event that left u...

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