Blockchain Expo Chronicles Episode 2

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On November 1st, 2023, I set out early in the morning for the highly anticipated TechExpo 2023 convention in London. Eager not to miss any crucial moments, I teamed up with @collinz, and we were completely prepared to spotlight the Hive blockchain and make the most of this amazing occasion.

My expectations were high after attending a similar exhibition in Amsterdam, and TechExpo London did not disappoint. The event included a remarkable collection of inventions and creative abilities, making every minute spent a joyful experience full of joy and an endless number of fresh ideas.





While the speeches and presentations were inspiring, our main effect came from the relationships we formed with other guests. Despite the fact that I wasn't a Hive speaker this time, we made it a point to communicate the extraordinary power of the Hive blockchain with everyone we met.

Our efforts were rewarded when we effectively developed a strong network of people interested in learning more about Hive. Notably, our conversation with Chris, one of the event organisers, revealed important information about the team's objectives for the future year. Chris's enthusiasm at meeting Hive representatives demonstrated the significant impact our community is having.














The two days spent at the TechExpo were more than just a chance to learn from other innovations; they were also an opportunity to share Hive with the rest of the globe. We made real relationships with entrepreneurs and company owners who were willing to engage their time, energy, and resources in something unique.

TechExpo events are great experiences that any blockchain enthusiast should strive to enjoy. They not only improve our comprehension of emerging technologies but also allow us to link Hive with others who are looking for a real Web3 platform for their business operations.







My experience at the just-concluded TechExpo conference in London was one I wouldn't swap for the world. It was a great expedition of learning, networking, and demonstrating to the world the remarkable potential of the Hive blockchain. Here's to more life-changing adventures in the future.


@collin, @mcsamm & Chris







@mcsamm & @collinz

Gratitude goes out to @guiltyparties for providing guidance and maintaining the continuous interaction that led us to this conference. A special thanks to @steevc, @alessandrawhite, and all the members of the Brits community for organising The London meetup, even though we missed connecting with you guys in person. We are optimistically looking forward to our future meetings, where we hope to have the opportunity to reunite.


It was a wonderful experience and a great opportunity to connect and learn. I'm glad to have been part of this edition, and thanks to you @mcsamm for your great efforts in making this meetup enjoyable. I can't wait for yet another experience

It really was great.

An opportunity every tech entrepreneur is looking out for ..I hope someday I will be able to join great people like this to learn more about the blockchain

Let's keep fingers crossed.

wow bro, congratulations. I am sure you did a great job just like you have done in Amsterdam. Best wishes...

It was great. I wasn't a speaker though but was worth attending.

I'm glad we could have some of the Hive community there to spread the word. I am pretty sure some of us went to that event a few years back when we were still on the 'other chain'. Maybe one day we can have an exhibit there.

Keep up the good work.

It's always lovely when families of the blockchain meet together. I'm excited to be part of this nd other meetups. Thanks Steev.

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