3rd Draft Telos pBTC Bitcoin Airdrop of 10 Satoshis to 1 Million Mostly Female Twitter Accounts

in GEMS2 months ago

using https://tipit.io 1 million mostly female twitter accounts will recieve 10 Satoshis each from a pool of 0.1 PBTC approx. $4KUSD donated from either GoodBlock, @telosfoundation or the @telosnetwork WPS if the proposal gets the votes to pass.

If it succeeds, it will be the largest airdrop of crypto to females in history and set teh stage for billions to recieve even more tokens using the @tipitbot airdrop system.

10 Satoshis can be used in an internal twitter tipit market made possible by telos. The stage can be set for 10 or even 100 million mostly female users to recieve PBTC satoshis, Telos @ddate $DATE tokens or even PETH GWEI over the next year in a rainstorm of female crypto airdrops


@cryptogirlgang http://CryptoGirlGang.com