Hive-Tube v8.3 Released!

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What is Hive-Tube?

Hive-Tube is a free server plugin that integrates any peertube server in the world with Hive and there are thousands of them. It's the fastest and easiest way for streaming media sites to get their content monetized, and syndicated via RSS, Hive communities and the Fediverse network.

No other streaming platform in the world offers this level of Syndication, time-tested decentralization, P2P streams, monetization, user retention & interactivity.

Combined Hive-Tube & server core updates in v8.3..


  • Removed nodejs 14 support from all Hive-Tube instances
  • Updated all nginx configs to support new remote transcode workers
  • Added storage.tmp_persistent directory in config. Config production.yaml
  • Updated Docker Compose

Maint. & Docker

  • Removed npm run create-transcoding-job and npm run print-transcode-command unmaintained scripts
  • Added Redis sentinel support for custom installs
  • Utilized improved upgrade script combined with our Hive-Tube rss features patch v6:
  • Auto-gen a config/ file after the upgrade, which binds the new peertube config keys and the current production.yaml. Replaced old yaml with this new file so adding new keys manually isn't necessary anymore
  • Made the db name configurable using env variable


  • Implemented Hive-monetized remote transcode workers (aka: "runners")
    • If enabled on the Hive-Tube site (like Cast.Garden, VigilanteTV, BeeToonsTV, etc), you can automatically earn $HIVE by contributing some of your unused CPU time to their media file transcoding tasks
  • Added support for Podcasting 2.0 Certified RSS feeds
  • Edited all Subscribe buttons so that our new Certified RSS is promoted
  • Added custom privacy settings for livestream replays
  • Added more admin features to the back-end dashboard
  • Added additional Hive block explorers to Hive-Tube /about pages
  • Got rid of that scary peertube tab on the /about page as it was making people scared of being hacked if they accessed P2P streams
  • Much improved worldwide accessibility, syndication and Hive post discoverability through search page algorithm

Bugs Squashed 🪲

  • Fixed our encryption issue with Minio so that remote seeders do not get locked out again due to key changes
  • Fixed livestream object storage sync which resulted in broken playback on ios
  • Implemented filter to not show already watched media from recommended
  • Added exception prevention when HTTP headers are sent already
  • Added links fix on instance /about (followers) pages
  • Fixed that annoying loading-spinner that appeared on top of videos in Chrome browser
  • Fixed the fps transcoding on remote transcode workers
  • Improved error handling when updating a livestream during the live
  • Replaced the way Hive-Tube is installed so that it seeks our patches when available
  • Got rid of the missing plugin CSS file error during server startup
  • Added support for Subscribing with a remote account that has the @ symbol in front
  • Account and channel url's are now case-insensitive
  • Fixed a ton of broken and non-abstracted css variables and color codes etc and put all definitions into our own css include so that now they can all be edited in one place
  • Fixed Hive and peertube user notifications. Made it full-duplex (2-way) with the Hive chain so now if you check notifs on a different Hive front-end, your notifs on the streaming site will update immediately as well. Much better UX now 💪
  • Fixed the auto-transcriptions (it's now disabled by default for english, spanish, etc) and also the subtitles import tool
  • Implemented alphabetical sorting of the languages selector
  • Added a ton of cleanup code for lower resource use at the server
  • Fixed the overflow issue with video channels' quick filter (that cool little menu in the top-right corner for advanced searches)
  • Fixed the Hive community selector so that when you switch between tabs on your video/podcast edit screen, it will remember which community you have selected even before you submit your changes


peertube-plugin-hive-tube (2.8 MB)

Need Hosting? 🌎

Since 2014, we also provide dedicated servers for API nodes, Hive-Tube streaming media instances, back-ends for social media and SuperHive sites, monetized transcoder nodes, off-site data replication, backups and sync (NOT reliant on AWS or CloudFlare etc!) and even Witness nodes if you are so inclined. Ping kenCode in our chat at

Check out (& please click Support!) HiveCast DHF Proposal #274

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Let's FOSS it & Launch it! 🚀🚀


Holy moly, Ken, my frend. That's a lot of bugs squashed from the last version. Seems like attention-to-detail is a primary focus on Agorise 👀 Can't wait to test out some of the new features. Might do a livestream next week once I've taken care of my first book + paper project for Tuesday

Best of luck on your first Book man!! :)

Yep, Hive-Tube has come a looooooong way. Now if we can just get our HiveCast proposal #274 voted in, we can probably bring thousands of additional Hive-Tube powered sites online. So far so good, it's growing FAST.

Taking market-share away from Youtube is FUN! :)

I think I will be releasing some audiobook/spokenword-esque content on CG video too

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I never heard about this project and I made a quick search on Google and found this website.

My question is if you integrate this to a server, you only get paid once as built on Hive?

Yes, that is the website for Hive-Tube. HiveCast (if we can get proposal #274 voted in) brings a lot more user engagement to Hive.

RE: "paid once" ...

When you post a video, blog, photo, anything to the Hive blockchain, that post can only get upvoted/downvoted for up to 6.5 days. If the blockchain could pay you forever, then there would need to be unlimited funds in the pool to pay you with, or, endless ads or other money coming in to keep those funds replenished.

However, if you reply to people when they make a comment on your video, or post, or image or whatever, you can get upvoted again to keep the rewards flowing from that original post. See? It pays to not just endlessly post, but rather to post quality content that encourages user engagement. 💪