The 3 Ways in which Hive WILL beat Youtube ✊

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Beat Youtube at their own game 🚀🚀

Do you have any complaints about Youtube? Comments disappearing? Ads? Phone verification? Flagged for "suspiciuos activity"? Shadow-bans? De-monetization? Getting unsubscribed? Their spam emails? Skewed search results? Strikes? Shady TOS? Your educational sewing video got "age-restricted"?

Yep, we had some complaints about Youtube as well...

Streaming/social media platforms that have ads will censor

Youtube likes to promote the dominant cultural narrative. Don't even get me started on their industry "fact checkers". FACT: Any platform that has ads (they're beholden to their advertisers) will eventually censor.

If email or phone is required, they will eventually censor

Being required to give a platform your email or phone number means that they will eventually track you, push products and services onto you, and eventually censor the entire platform.

When I want to consume some streaming media, I do not want to be the product and I do not want products or services pushed onto me.


1️⃣ ONE

No Ads.
Youtube needs you to buy stuff and they have to constantly push products and services onto you, or else they cannot survive. I don't know about you, but I am tired of being constantly marketed to. I just want to consume my favorite streaming media and be left alone.

There might be a crypto bear market on at the moment, but it won't last forever. People are figuring out that earning a bit that is outside of the fiat system is the way to go. The only way to do that is when you are not beholden to Advertisers. Hive is our "way out" of that old web2 ad-infested system. Absolute freedom.

2️⃣ TWO

Account security.
I love the fact that I do not have to give any personal info the the Hive blockchain at all. Not even an email address or phone number. NOBODY can delete my account, block me from claiming my earnings, unsubscribe me from my favorite bloggers, censor what I post onto Hive, force me to agree to a company's "Terms", skew my search results, or ban me from using the blockchain.

Youtubers TAKE NOTE; Those are the things that Hive has fixed for you. Absolute freedom.


User Interface (UI) agnosticism.
Youtube is destroying themselves. Their walled garden is pissing people off and that my friends is what makes Hive apps shine like the sun. Hive provides users a "way out" of their walled garden. Absolute freedom.

One other "way out" of the ad-infested walled gardens like youtube is to use decentralised applications (dapps) like the HiveCast "Tuner" which gives you the ability to tune in to and interact with any streaming media in the world from THOUSANDS of different feeds and streaming platforms.. NO more walled gardens.

We're in the process of trying to release our new TV/pc/mobile "Tuner" so if you haven't already, please click on the "Support" button for DHF Proposal #274:

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It's time to FOSS it and Launch it!


YouTube has been in a downward decline for so long that it's hard to remember what it was like before Google bought it and proceeded to ruin every good aspect of the original platform.