Working in a brick kiln.

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Today we have been working on the brick kiln since morning. But the work is not done yet. Because we have to fix the roads of 2 villages. In which we need brick the most. That's why Pawan is working with four laborers. Who gets 500 rupees per day as wages. But we have employed some laborers in the village. He is fixing the road. So far we have collected 25000 bricks. But we need 50000 bricks. That's why it takes time to fill the bricks. Some bricks break. That's why we keep the broken bricks separate. She can get in the corner of the road. Been working all day. All this work can be completed within 7 to 14 days. Due to some reason we have less labor. So we may have increased trouble in working. But right now our work is going well.


We have to travel a long way. It is about 15 kms away from the village Bhatte. In which we take 1 hour to reach the brick. Pawan has only 12 laborers now. In which 4 laborers have been put on the kiln. He has been supplying eto all day. They have been given some amount of rest in between. It's around 1 to 2 o'clock. Has started working again. I've only got a few pictures so far. Because bricks work is going on fast on the kiln. Pawan has started bricking the village roads. Till now, bricks have been installed for about 2 km. In which 3.5 km is still left. He works till 6 pm on all the laborers. And they are given wages to everyone after a day. For some reason no laborer comes. His wages are paid the next day. some workers come everyday


I hope you guys like us, we face a lot of difficulties in our work. But together we make it easy. This is the surrounding view of the farms. Have a nice day all of you.


Good work

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