IAAC 120 installing door bell

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Hey how are you guys doing I hope everyone is having a great time 😎

So yesterday night we had a rainstorm its a sign that spring is around the corner it was fresh when I got out for a morning walk I hope you all also enjoying spring.

also, I needed to install a doorbell I had an old small mechanical bell laying around in the store so thought why not put it to good use it was easy to install cause the wiring for the bell I had already installed in my house when I was doing house wiring so we just needed a working bell to install

so I took out my power tool and get to work I drill 2 holes with a 1/4 drill bit and install a holder for the bell button also sealed it with silicone sealant to keep it safe from rain also making it less likely to spark cause of water.
it working great

I am grateful to be alive and get to live a happy life 😎

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Hi, @aiovo!
It's great that you show us how to do it!
Great job!

Thanks for thumbs up 😊