iaac #126 fixed earthing issue

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Welcome Y'all to my Blog,
This is my #126 participation In.

Hey how are you guys doing I hope everyone is having a great time 😎

So I had an issue today that when I tried to plug a USB into my PC suddenly I got an electric shock it was not lethal but I felt the pain I was also holding my smartphone lucky I didn't drop it or it might have felled and broken some part which would be a pain to get it to fix as its not cheap getting screen repaired but lucky nothing happens.

so I open my PC to see if any wire is touching the PC body and I also took that time to clean it up after that I checked if my ground wire had a problem cause most of the time its earthing problem

so I tried to connect my PC to an iron pipe that was installed on a brick wall and then I check the problem was fixed I then checked my earthing wire and fixed it now I didn't get a shock when I touch the PC body.

it's a common problem cause some don't use a three-point socket for other PC connections it is dangerous to not use one so I recommend using it

I am grateful to be alive and get to live a happy life 😎

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