The 100 Day Project, Day 5 — Getting it Done... Sortof...

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Today is day five, and I am summarizing at 12:40 in the aye-em because it represents the first moment I have had to myself, as we have had out-of-town friends in, all day.

The final painting of today's stone. Now it goes off to dry/cure

Clearly, doing a "100 day project" is not for those who have any kind of social life!

Random Project Notes:

I feared it would be a short one today, and I was right!

I basically had time for pretty much nothing, but I did manage to not fall completely off the board by simply acknowledging that I would have no time... and so I made time to sit down and at least paint a stone, this morning... squeezed in between having breakfast and running to town for grocery shopping.

As always, I start with a center point

As it turned out, it was actually quite a nice stone; better than I had expected, given the time constraints.

I was working with a color set I don't use very often because the red/orange/yellow pigments tend to be rather expensive and typically don't cover very well... meaning that I have to trace every single little line a second time, after the first coat dries.

People want to know how I get my colors to be so bright and vibrant. Well... that's how. They are all double painted!

The design starts to take shape

Day 5 Summary:

One new stone painted; quite pleased with this one, all told... in spite of being very aware of the time pressure. I will be very happy when life returns to normal, tomorrow!

Daily Twitter/X post: Fail.
Daily Facebook Page post: Fail.
Daily Instagram post: Fail.

Just did not have time to even open social media today, let alone post something. I feared that might turn out to be the case.

Starting to look like something!

Other Stuff: Determined to at least get in this Hive post; after all, I took the pictures of today's painted stone and I want to document it. Daily shoutout to @gillianpearce!

Day 5 is in the bag. I feel like I have "peopled" more than enough for a month or two! Hopefully I can set a better routine now!

I appreciate you coming to visit and please do leave a comment if you feel so inclined!

Thank You!


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Great job at getting your stone painted. That's a huge success given your time contraints. I don't see your not posting on social media as a fail. That's a massive success to me in getting your priorities right. 👍😁

As a war game model painter, yellow is the absolute worst, especially over black. Two or even three coats can often be necessary to make to properly opaque and vibrant.