I Still Fail to Make The Art of Plating

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I am obsessed with The Art of Plating. Initially, I was just a writer. But because I'm interested in cooking even though I'm not a chef so I'm interested in learning the art of plating.


The Art of Plating will make even a simple cuisine look beautiful. But I know that it all needs a process.

Since a few months ago I started collecting equipment for plating. But it is not enough.

In the below, I present some works of plating which in my opinion still fail to represent a good The Art of Plating.

I still need a few plates to adjust to the food ingredients that are around me.

You can give me feedback then. Please.



You are very creative! 😍

Still not enough to make my cooking like a pro 😔

Thanks for reading ❤️🍕

That's OK. We're all still learning. 😍 And we'll continue learning and experimenting! 😁

Tak ada daya dan upaya untuk menghargainya, namun saya tetap memberi semampunya, terimalah dengan lapang dada. 😊🙏

Terima kasih banyak sudah membaca dan berkomentar. Saya sangat menghargainya 😊😊😊

Kreatif sekali, nice

Makasih @hsidik ini masih mencoba mencoba dan hasilnya belum maksimal

It appears we both are at work playing with our food! I don't know how chefs have the patience to take so much time to artfully plate and take perfect photographs. All I want to do is eat the goodies!