My Survival Skill: Peeling Coconut

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I love being born and growing up in the village. There are so many survival skills that are useful for me to be independent.

In the village, I used to peel coconuts even though it was not usually done by women if there were men in their families. Actually, Indonesian coconut is different from Thai coconut that you see in general.


Coconut from Indonesia has a large size and thick skin so it needs extra energy to peel it.

Because I lived alone with my mother, especially since my father died, it made me have to improve the abilities that are usually done by men in the village.


Peeling coconuts is one of the most important skills in the village. Moreover, we sell coconuts to supplement our economy. The coconut that has not been peeled will have a cheaper price than coconut that has been peeled.

So, with me having the skill to peel coconuts, that actually really helped us survive.

Besides economic factors, of course, peeling coconut can make life easier because there are many delicious dishes made from coconut milk!


This is the result of my work today. And a glass of old coconut water for my mother to neutralize high blood pressure.

I plan to make many new things from coconut, namely dried coconut flakes and coconut flour.

I hope you do well today!

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We miss fresh coconuts so much, they are just too expensive here in Suriname.

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I'm interested in your post, because you always make interesting.
Continue to work and make people interested in your post.

Never give up to make a great post then. 💪💪💪

I am very impressed with your skills! You are a professional!😊

I just to do my life 😆😆😆

I am still really impressed!

Wow! You put me to shame!! You’ll
Have to give a class on survival in Asian context!! I would love to learn to peel coconuts! You are a great protector of your family!!! 💐🌹🌷🌸🎉

I will be happy to teach you new thing everyday 😘😘😘

Thank you very much! I would be very happy to learn new skills everyday! 🌹💐🌸🌷🎉😊😊