Vegan Watermelon Smoothie with Coconut Milk for a Healthy Breakfast

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A healthy breakfast to start the day can begin with a bowl of smoothies. Smoothies have become a popular breakfast idea because a bowl of smoothies can have many unique nutrients and flavors.


Making smoothies short enough is the main reason why smoothies are popular.

This time I will share the Watermelon Smoothie recipe with coconut milk.



  • frozen watermelon
  • frozen papaya
  • 65 ml of frozen thick coconut milk


Additional topping

  • red watermelon and yellow watermelon
  • banana

How to make

  • Make sure you have frozen fruits that will make smoothies.


  • Then put all the ingredients into a blender until smooth.
  • Serve with toppings.




Really easy, right? Usually, I eat smoothies to start a sunny day and on a hot day.

If I want to eat ice cream, usually I keep the smoothie in the freezer again a few hours before it is enjoyed.


The most important thing is to be creative. You can combine vegetables and fruits that are around you.

The more often you try to combine ingredients that you have never tried before, the more skilled you will create unique foods, different from the others, original, but of course delicious!


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Sounds like a delicious and refreshing smoothie bowl for summer morning :)

Indeed, my fav breakfast bowl

Have a great summer

Shared on Twitter:

You know, I still haven’t seen yellow watermelon. Looks sooo cute

In here yellow watermelon so popular. You cam check out my previous blog.

Have a great summer my friend

This is stunning, I mean I keep imagining the taste of the frozen watermelon
frozen papaya and the frozen thick coconut milk. The smoothie looks great, stunning shots. I think I'll prefer it frozen as well

Frozen fruits and veggies are the best treats at summer.


Lezat...😋 My problem is, I'm always too lazy to wash, so I don't really do the kitchen work.

Go away lazy peps ehehe

Love the presentation :D

Thank you 😊💃

This smoothie bowl must have been super refreshing, I just looove watermelon! You're right, it's because they're so quick to make that smoothies are so popular in our busy lives today:)

Yes mom, watermelon so refreshing 😊

Oh! This looks so good and colourful!

I am famish now! But I had nothing frozen for making smoothie!

😊 sending you a virtual smoothie ❤

Thank you! I really needed that!


Yummy, creamy and fresh! Looks A+ 😋

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This looks so pretty and refreshing!

You do it pretty well.

Really easy @anffreklestari I like the texture of frozen fruit. It is very rich, as you say, on a sunny day.

You have to try this at home 😊

wooww this is a perfect breakfast.

Indeed it was perferct breakfast. Yummy ans healthy

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oh my gosh this looks soooooo mega yummy thank you <3