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A battle between victory and defeat, (tips and strategies with Clawdia) [ENG][ES]

By: @roadstories


Entre ganar y perder en Champions Legion hay una delgada linea, y es esta publicación te diré la razón por la cual un equipo que ha perdido sus torres y que no esta tan unido como para poder contrarrestar los ataques y estrategias del contrincante


Cinnamon rolls

By: @truelovemom


We are in the fifth month of social isolation as a preventive measure for Covid-19 and together with my daughter we have fully complied with it, we only went out to buy food and cleaning products.


[ES/ENG] “48 HOURS MAKE UP CONTEST” What does makeup mean to me?/ ¿Qué es el maquillaje para mi?

By: @jesymarcano92


Hi my darlings! I decided to enter this MakeUp Contest because it is something that consciously or unconsciously is a part of my life and it is perfect to share the things that I like with everybody.


Un paseo a la Montaña, que no salió como esperaba - VIDEOVLOG

By: @mariana4ve


Hola mi gente, el domingo pasado mis sobrinos y mi hijo, me pidieron que los llevara de paseo a la montaña (me presionaron) el propósito de ellos era darse una baño en el río que se encuentra en la cima, mi propósito era llegar hasta donde mi cuerpo aguantara ya que últimamente no hago ejercicios y la verdad es que el camino es muy difícil.



By: @alejandria12


a diosa hera, esposa de zeus, fuerte y hermosa. Una mujer fuerte que muchos tenían la creencia de pedirle para bendecir su matrimonio.


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Felicidades a los ganadores.

Thank you. It's a great honor.

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I'm so happy that my post was recognized for the daily report! Thanks everybody so much :)

You are much welcome

<3 un abrazo virtual!

Felicidades @alejandria12 por tu gran esfuerzo en la plataforma !! Muy lindas tus creaciones ❤️

Gracias hermosa 🌻

How are my friends and authors mentioned of the day, how much creativity, delights and adventures there are in this curation report; I love the diversity of materials, thank you very much to all the @appreciator team for the great work done.
Congratulations to all and have a great day

Thank you so much

thanks to you dear friend @bluemist for what you do for our community, you are very kind, I appreciate it very much
have a beautiful sunday

Variedad de contenidos e iniciativas interesantes para las chicas creativas del maquillaje. Felicidades a los seleccionados.

Thanks you so much @appreciator I appreciate it!!

You are welcome!!

Wow, gracias de verdad ❤️, lo hago con todo el gusto del mundo / @appreciator, Thank you, I do it with my heart and all the taste of the world ❤️

You are always welcome

thank you very much

Felicitaciones , sigamos entregando calidad. 🤗🦋🦋🦋

Excelentes elecciones, como siempre. Saludos a todos los nominados.

Gracias por tus buenas energías.

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Felicitaciones para los destacados. Maravillosos trabajos. Excelente selección, @appreciator

Muchas gracias amiga. Me siento muy afortunada.

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Excelente, i wish be part of this, is amazing the support on this page, beautiful!

I'm on the honor roll for the first time, what a thrill. Thanks for the support. It comes at a very important moment for me.

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You are much welcome

What an interesting number!

So happy to see a couple people from MakeUp Power

I would like to know what are you thinking about the new community 😊

What an interesting number!

I was thinking the same

I think MakeUp Power has the potential to grow to new heights

Felicidades a todos los votados continúen así, excelente trabajo de curación.

Muchas gracias, haciendo cada día lo mejor posible.

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Felicitaciones a los seleccionados 👍

Gracias por los buenos deseos

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Felicidades a todos los seleccionados, saludos, buena elección. 😉

De nada


Congratulations to the Top 5 Posts. The cinnamon rolls are just the way I like it. I am very partial to this food and I always go out of my way to buy them just so I can eat them. Now, a recipe showing how to prepare this great food. How lucky can one get? Great. If Zeus were real, somebody has to be careful as he just might come down from Olympus and mistake her for his wife! Fine recreation of Hera. I like this young girl's perspective about make-up. She compares it with music feeding the emotion and soul while make-up feeds the eyes and enhances beauty. Very profound for one her age. Never thought of it that way. Clawdia is one of my son's favorite characters (although I must say he has a lot). Trust him to know all these games that are really fun and challenging. And finally the trip up the mountain. How I wish I could join those kids taking a bath in the rain with the view from the mountain top. Simple joys. Simple life. What could be better? Just love your mix of posts today @appreciator. Was busy the whole week with work and am just glad I could catch up with your Top 5 Posts.

Thank you so much always

Wow! #666