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Rosskreppfjorden: An ocean in the clouds

By: @koenau

If you're travelling Norway and you're have ever thinking a so called fjord should be a canyon filled up with ocean water, you're wrong. It's right for the most cases, because 999.999 of a million fjord all around the world are gorges at the shoreline of an ocean. Some of them are reaching hundred meters deep into the mainland, some of them are only a tenth of kilometers deep.


Dibujando a Moly a mi estilo. 🏮 Concurso de ilustraciones de @grisvisa 🏮 / Drawing Moly in my style 🏮. 🏮 Illustration contest by @grisvisa

By: @equipodelta


Today I made this illustration inspired by an art of @grisvisa that in turn is making a contest, I invite you to see his post and know the rules of the contest.


| Hive Dark Side Community | Week #2 | Christopher | [ENG][ESP]

By: @eve66


My aunt visited us two times a year and once I asked her why my parents were strange, she answered that one night they were on a trip were kidnapped and appeared two days later.


Soothing Words & Way With Voice (Bloopers 2020)

By: @binkypro

Soothing words with angers vibes, a way with voice to eazer, and deep burps, in order to blablablablablablabla! Bloopers from Dragon Age videos! #DragonAge #Bloopers


[EN/SP] Inspired makeup look by Sally | The Nightmare Before Christmas | Tim Burton

By: @gabrielamenesesg


Hello guys! This is my entry for the inspired makeup look challenge
This week the theme of the contest is the amazing Tim Burton✨


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Congratulations to the Top 5 Posts. Tim Burton is a famous filmmaker and he has these really ghoulish looking characters and themes in his movies. The Sally make-over will really do Tim Burton proud. Magnifico! Same with the illustrator of Moly. And to think that she is color blind while mixing up all those colors. How does she even distinguish the rainbow colors in her hot air balloon? Increible! Doesn't Christopher give you the creeps? These dark side stories shouldn't be read when you're all alone like me now typing in the computer. Whew! Bloopers are fun to watch. I just couldn't help but laugh along with her, making me forget about the dark side. Yes! And finally for my favorite anytime - travel. This time to Scandinavia to a fjord that is almost a thousand meters above sea level and 70 kilometers in area! No wonder he called it an ocean in the clouds. The magnificence of nature right before me here in my home. Dark side is now completely forgotten. What a pleasant selection today @appreciator. Very entertaining yet a bit creepy. Darn the dark side is back again. Aaaargh!

It is an honor to be among outstanding authors, I am very grateful for your support and appreciation, thank you very much.

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