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Iniciativa #MakeupChallenge - | Los Hombres También se maquillan! | #MarsCrea

By: @manuelramos


Saludos queridas seguidoras y seguidores en esta oportunidad comparto con ustedes mi participación en la iniciativa #MakeupChallenge que están llevando acabo las amigas @ambarvegas y @lucianav, estas hermosas chicas han creado este reto para que nosotros los usuarios creativos pongamos en práctica nuestras habilidades artísticas con el maquillaje.


[ESP-ENG] Initiative MakeupChallenge - WEEK 6 | Work of art - El Grito

By: @roxifit


Hello girls! Today I want to show you the work done for the #MakeupChallenge that @lucianav and @ambarvegas have prepared this week. The theme is to choose a work of art and copy its elements in makeup.


Wednesdaywalk - My trip to the Beautiful island Längan

By: @saffisara


I am home with a bad cold 🤧
enoying but atleast I have time over
to do fun things like playing around
with edits, and realize that I have
WAY to MANY pictures in my
Phones camera 😱


#HiveCommunities | Communities Discovery Initiative | MakeUp Power

By: @josehany


Hello, beautiful people. Today I'm participating in the Communities Discovery Initiative by @theycallmedan and it's about something pretty simple which is sharing your favorite Hive community and tell the world why we like it and why we post on it.


[ENG-ESP] Inspired Makeup Look: Tim Burton - Beetlejuice

By: @alejandria12


Nuestra querida líder de la comunidad Makeup Power, @mintdreams nos invitó hrealizar un maquillaje inspirado en las películas de Tim Burton, yo me inspire en


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Felicidades a todos por su mencion, @manuelramos quedo estupendo tu maquillaje felicidades al igual que @alejandrial12 saludos

Agradecido por tus felicitaciones amiga @karlaes80 Saludos desde Maracay!

Muchos gracias

I think this has been one of my most inspirational posts, thanks for appreciating it.
Today's selections were quite artistic, how incredible.

Btw, I look great in that photo!!

Btw, I look great in that photo!!

Hive Police you mean

You already knew it

good morning to the entire @appreciator team, friends and featured authors of the day
What a colorful choice today, I love these types of challenges where they invite us to be creative with makeup.
Congratulations to all the featured authors of the day, may the successes continue
have a great day

Thank you so much, appreciate it.

Thank you once again, we dedicate ourselves with love to this and always happy that you love the result 🎉

Gracias una vez más, nos dedicamos con amor a esto y siempre felices que amen el resultado 🎉

Merecida mención chama! Saludos desde Maracay!

Soy de Maracay también 🎉🎉

Apuessss...!!! En serio? Que coool! De que parte sería cool! Encontrarnos! Día, hora y lugar! Play! Jaajajajaja #SeriaGenial!

You are much welcome.

thank you very much 🎉

Congratulations to all! Thank you for sharing quality content on Hive 😊

Thank you so much for the mention and for what you do 🙏 means alot and gives us a push to go forward.
Many Great posts I haven't seen, Will check them out.

Congrats to all and happy week 🌹

You are always welcome.

Congratulations to all, the makeup of @alejandria12 is really good.

Thank you

Thank you @appreciator, I am very excited that you have selected me, every day I make an effort to show quality content to the Hive community

You aree always welcome


Wooow long time no header for that list! Grateful for the support you give to my work! Day by day I do things with much love and passion! Greetings from Venezuela!

You are much welcome.

Congratulations to everyone! Nice work to all @appreciator team, and really good and high quality content!

Wow¡ Cuánto derroche de creatividad en estas publicaciones seleccionadas. Felicitaciones a todos por sus talentos y por el reconocimiento. Excelente trabajo de apoyo, @appreciator, @bluemist.

Muchos gracias

Thanks so much for the support to the community, you're a really great team.

You are welcome.